A New Approach: Five Best Practices For Delivering Aftercare And Continued Support



Aftercare and continued support are how funeral homes and cemeteries help families navigate the emotions and questions that arise with loss.

In the article “Aftercare Expands to Provide Families With Continued Support”, Andrea Resnick, fourth-generation funeral director and Sympathy Brands’s Director of Channel Development, explores the need to redefine Aftercare to include continued support, and why funeral homes are such an integral resource. In “Aftercare: The Significance of Continued Support for Families” Resnick discusses the increased demand for ongoing guidance.

Funeral directors build a rapport with families during the arrangement conference, and throughout the planning of services. Guiding families during their most difficult time creates trust and confidence, which positions funeral homes as the appropriate resource for continued support.

Michael Schimmel, CEO of Sympathy Brands says, “Understanding the need for continued care and the impact a funeral home has on families, Sympathy Brands focuses its Aftercare program to support funeral homes by automating and customizing correspondence for each family.”

Below are five recommendations of best practices for delivering continued support and comprehensive Aftercare:

  1. During the arrangement conference, funeral directors build a rapport with family and collect information for the next of kin and other family members who should receive ongoing communication.
  2. Use your websites, social media, and email newsletters to share your messages.
  3. Emails provide continued correspondence with family members offering opportunities for a broader reach.
  4. Offer comprehensive content surrounding grief support, survivor or death benefits and memorialization.
  5. Understand and remain sensitive to different cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, customs, and practices.

The funeral and cemetery industry recognize the benefits of Aftercare and its impact on those who have experienced a loss. Utilizing modern, automated technology to deliver continued support, allows funeral homes and cemeteries to expand their offerings and advance how people grieve, express condolences, and commemorate loved ones.



eCondolence.com's Aftercare solutions provide continued support for families through automated, sequenced follow-up messaging at meaningful touchpoints. For additional information about our Aftercare Program, download the brochure or schedule a demo and learn more about our Partnership Program.



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