Connect with the Community

Generate Pre-Need Awareness & Sales

Create and deliver a robust seminar program to attract new families.




Your Comprehensive Toolbox

Educate the community on the benefits and importance of pre-planning. Sympathy Brands’ Seminar Series provides an all-inclusive toolkit to help your funeral home reach new families. Within the Seminar Series, your team will find pre-loaded templates for proven and relevant topics, including a description and presentation guide. In addition to the presentations, the Seminar Series provides: training, a project roadmap, impactful marketing collateral, attendance incentive programs, and much more, hosted on Viewneral®. Sympathy Brands helps you confidently deliver a seamless educational program.

A Tailored Education Solution

Modify to read: The Seminar Series is designed to provide a step-by-step to approach to enable you to confidently generate awareness and pre-need leads. Engage with businesses in your community and present powerful content to families with six topics that resonate with your funeral home and community. Connect with the community in new ways and widen your reach.

Seminar Series Features Include

  • Step-By-Step Instructional Guide
  • Select Package of 4 or 6 Topics
  • Present from Multiple Locations with Two-Way Streaming
  • User-Friendly
  • Automated Follow-Up
  • Customizable
  • Create Marketing Content From Recordings
  • Complete Marketing Calendar
  • Collect Attendee List
  • Post-Seminar Surveys
  • Expand Your Location’s Connections
  • Guests Can Attend From Anywhere

With Sympathy Brands, we set families up for success. When family members and friends can’t make it, we set them up through Viewneral®. They love the versatility of the options we offer to them.


Tressa F.
Funeral Director
Arlington Park Funeral Home
Jacksonville, FL
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