Keep Everyone Informed

Coordinate with Ease

FuneralPlan helps a family and their circle of supporters stay informed.




Support, Simplified

Provide families this personalized tool to help keep them organized and their supporters informed. Easy to create, each FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan includes tributes, funeral information, Viewneral access, and details on gatherings, including shiva. Streamline and simplify communication for families during this stressful time.

Everything Families Need, All In One Place

FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan provide family, friends, and others a place to organize, coordinate support, and express condolences. Families can easily access and update information. Supporters can order same-day meal delivery, sympathy gifts, and contribute to charitable organizations directly from FuneralPlan through a secure payment system. This comprehensive tool helps families manage the details.

FuneralPlan & ShivaPlan Features Include

  • Single-Click Creation
  • Personalized Contribution Page
  • Collection & Processing of Contributions
  • Includes Text and Images
  • Easy Edit & Share Options
  • Receive Emails and Mailing Addresses
  • Families Specify Charity
  • Single Source for Key information
  • Automatically Send Tribute to Website

Sympathy Brands team members are great listeners, processors of information and consistently produce great products and services. I am proud to be associated with this company.


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Chicago Jewish Funerals
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