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How Funeral Professionals Play a Vital Role in Shifting Views of Death

Death is often considered a taboo subject, especially in Western culture. Learn how funeral professionals can play a role in helping to change perspectives on dying and grieving. 
Funerals, Burials & Cremations

What does the Rise in Cremation Rates Mean for Traditional Burials?

Learn how the pandemic impacted traditional burials, and how to communicate the value funeral directors bring to the grieving, mourning and burial process.
Grief Resources & Support

3 Ways Funeral Directors Can Better Collaborate with Death Doulas

Death doulas can complement the work that funeral directors are already doing and may serve as helpful partners to help families navigate the end-of-life journey.
Guidance & Support

A Funeral Director’s Perspective: The Importance of Transparency In Conversations with Families

“What do you do for a living?” The question we dread as funeral directors. “I’m a funeral director.”
Jewish Funerals & Burials

What to Know About Jewish Mourning and Shiva

The Jewish mourning process is unique and rich in traditions and customs. According to Jewish law, there are three defined and prescribed periods of mourning following a burial, providing clear and definitive time periods, acts, and rituals for mour...
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