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Drive pre-need and at-need sales, streamline monument ordering, and enhance perpetual care with our extensive consumer-focused suite of technology-enabled solutions.

Sympathy Brands’ broad range of products reduces your day-to-day administrative work while enhancing the attention given to each family throughout their journey. In addition to connecting your cemetery with families, SBConnect™ integrates with complementary industry services and suppliers, including CRM and website systems, providing you a seamless, end-to-end experience.





Designed specifically for the cemetery and funeral industries, the Sympathy Brands SBConnect platform provides death care industries with a holistic, end-to-end solution to assist families navigating difficult decisions. The user-friendly platform easily integrates with existing technologies, including CRM and website systems, connecting relevant information in one place.

You will benefit from SBConnect’s single-point family information entry. Using the Viewneral(R) virtual suite of services, you can digitize cemetery assets, send SBAdvance communications, host seminar series, and assist families with plot selection. The memorialization design tools will further engage families in the process for a holistic experience.


Seminar Series

Create and deliver a robust seminar program to generate pre-need awareness and interest. Sympathy Brands’ Seminar Series provides a comprehensive toolkit to help you easily launch your own program through Viewneral. Included in the package, your team will appreciate proven and relevant topics with accompanying speaker suggestions, a project roadmap, impactful marketing collateral, attendance incentive programs, and much more to deliver a seamless program.



SBAdvance™ & Aftercare

Deliver continued guidance, comfort, and lasting care to your families with meaningful touchpoints after pre-planning and interment. Our SBAdvance and Aftercare programs provide personalized, automated, and sequenced emails that allow you to check-in, offer guidance, and provide perpetual care opportunities, including ongoing maintenance and memorialization options, creating revenue opportunities long after the plot sale.


Memorialization Design Tool

The first of its kind, Sympathy Brands’ memorialization design tool delivers meaningful memorials while reducing cost and time for your team. Help families choose the memorial best suited to honor their loved ones, and seamlessly connect with industry suppliers to simplify creation and automate messaging approval and notifications. Use our Aftercare solutions to stay connected to families, keeping them informed of progress throughout the process.



Service Folders & Prayer Cards

Provide families a perfect tribute with personalized and customized Service Folders and Prayer Cards. Designed to save time, Sympathy Brands automatically pushes case information through to fill out key details for you. Configure in minutes, include meaningful information, print directly from the platform, and email to the family to provide valuable keepsakes.


Enhanced Profiles

Stand out to families actively seeking a cemetery in your area. Featured on Sympathy Brands’ sister sites (,,, your cemetery will receive marketing opportunities, including a listing of upcoming seminars, gate hours, contact information, service options, and location images on your Enhanced Profile.



Viewneral® Virtual Services

Help families simplify their decision-making with Viewneral. Arrange a meeting to provide a virtual tour of your property, educate families on plot selection, and streamline the purchasing process. Host a seminar to inform the community on the value of pre-planning. Assist families as they memorialize loved ones with a Viewneral dedication. This user-friendly, versatile solution offers a selection of streaming options, including interactive streaming services, creating an engaging experience for all participants.


Arrangement Center

Sympathy Brands’ Arrangement Center provides families a simple and streamlined way to research and make interment selections directly with a cemetery through Sympathy Brands’ consumer sites. Through these connections, the Arrangement Center helps cemeteries reach new families, easily engage with them, and manage the relationship.



Digital Asset & Mapping Tools

Digitize your current systems with Sympathy Brands digital asset and mapping tools. Virtually map your cemetery’s physical property from existing plans using both blueprint technology and 360-degree views. Track sales, identify available plots, and help families easily locate loved ones.


Virtual Plot Selection and Virtual Tours

Help a family easily navigate the selection process with Sympathy Brands’ Virtual Plot Selection and Virtual Tours. Families can easily tour your property, find available plots in desirable areas, and then automatically select and purchase plots online with our leading cemetery management software solutions. Your team can easily arrange a Viewneral meeting with families to walk through questions, the purchasing process, and complete a sale.



Perpetual Care and Commemoration

Provide lasting care for a family’s loved one with a well-cared-for, beautiful tribute. Sympathy Brands’ perpetual care and commemoration program is a subscription-based service that provides families with information about the importance of perpetual care as well as selections for subscription services for cleaning and floral, wreath, and stone delivery. Families will receive regular communication and images demonstrating their loved one is well cared for.


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