Aftercare: The Significance of Continued Support for Families



In the article “Aftercare Expands to Provide Families with Continued Support”, author Andrea Resnick, explores how funeral homes are well-positioned to provide families with a continuation of services, broadening the scope of Aftercare. Most notably, end-of-life care providers recognize the importance and need for ongoing family support that extends well beyond the passing of a loved one. Examining a family’s perspective as it relates to the reception of support offered by the funeral home offers a new outlook for delivering continued support.

Each mourner and their grief journey is distinct and there are many variables to consider including the type and timing of passing, age of the deceased, relationship to the deceased, and many other considerations. Understanding the uniqueness and dynamic of each family, along with determining the direct mourners is important when reviewing their needs.

As the world continues to shift, the means by which funeral homes approach continued support and Aftercare to communicate with families is also evolving. There is a growing need, and an increasing amount of inquiries, regarding grief support services, access to resources including estate, legal and administrative matters, and questions about memorialization and commemoration for loved ones. At the same time that individuals are working through grief and mourning, they are simultaneously responsible for closing out accounts and administrative affairs which are unfamiliar to many.

Continued support and Aftercare are designed to help families navigate the emotions and questions that come with loss. The necessity of ongoing guidance continues to grow and there are multifaceted ways to approach and help deliver services for families.'s Aftercare solutions provide automated, sequenced follow up with families through meaningful touchpoints that help build deep relationships. To learn more about the Aftercare Program please email or call our Funeral Home Partner team at 877.362.3266.


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