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Expand Your Growth Mindset

  • Leverage technology to offer new products and services and optimize business operations
  • Reach more families where they are – online, on their phones and on the move
  • Build the value of your business and prepare it for a potential transition
  • Forge more meaningful relationships with hospice care organizations
  • Adapt your business so that it caters to changing consumer needs and wants
  • Get all the members of your team moving in the same direction

Meet Our Event Speakers

Gain the knowledge you need at this groundbreaking event that will feature thought leaders from throughout the death-care profession. They will highlight strategies to navigate business transitions, market products and services, use technology, and capitalize on new and innovative ideas.

Chris Cruger

Chris Cruger, CEO of The Foresight Companies, began his career in funeral service more than 25 years ago as a financial analyst at SCI where he quickly rose up the ranks. Becoming vice president of business development. One of the foremost authorities in the funeral and cemetery industry, he provides an array of services to the profession as the CEO of The Foresight Companies, including buying and selling firms, valuation services, business financing, succession and advisory services and more.

Welton Hong

Welton Hong, founder and CEO of Ring Ring Marketing, is the secret weapon behind some of the death-care profession’s highest volume firms. A leading expert in helping businesses in death care, hospice and senior care, his marketing strategies help firms of all sizes convert leads from online directly to the phone line. He is also the author of “Making Your Phone Ring with Internet Marketing.” Prior to starting Ring Ring Marketing, he was a senior technologist for Intel, Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

Shane Pudenz

Shane Pudenz, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Carriage Services, began his career in death care more than 14 years ago at SCI, where he marched up the sales management ranks, starting as a market sales manager before becoming a market sales director, eventually overseeing the Houston, San Antonio and El Paso regions. He joined Carriage Services more than three years ago and serves as its senior vice president of sales and marketing. He is highly skilled in coaching, mentoring, building high-performing teams and brand development.

Dr. Amy Schiffman

Dr. Amy Schiffman, a Hospice Care Expert, is the co-host of the podcast “Mastering Medicare” and is one of the nation’s leading experts in geriatrics and palliative/hospice care. She is the chief medical officer for a human services agency and oversees their hospice agency, private duty agency and a Holocaust survivor program. A board-certified emergency medicine physician, she completed her emergency medicine residency at the George Washington University School of Medicine and has established herself as one of the nation’s leading experts in geriatrics and palliative/hospice care.

Michael Schimmel

Michael Schimmel is the founder and CEO of Sympathy Brands, and its family of brands including, eCondolence and He is a leading expert for death-care and end-of-life professionals, helping bring industry knowledge to clients interested in bridging technology, business efficiencies, and consumer expectations. Prior to founding Sympathy Brands, Michael was a corporate and intellectual property attorney advising entrepreneurs and corporations on operational and financial matters related to technology, professional services, and e-commerce business strategies.


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