eCondolence and Share Customers Most Frequently Asked Questions as Covid-19 Deaths Surge


Consumer Inquiries to the and Call Center Increase as the Covid-19 Death Toll Rises. Most Frequently Asked Questions Include How to Plan a Virtual Funeral, How to Support Someone From a Distance and More

MIAMI, FL — November 24, 2020 – Covid-19 has people unsure of how to proceed with a funeral or how to provide adequate support to those grieving when you cannot be together, according to a recent review of customers most frequently asked questions to the eCondolence and Call Center. eCondolence and are the leading resources for sympathy and mourning for consumers while providing best in class technology for funeral homes and cemeteries.

The most frequently asked questions to the and Call Center from customers over the past 30 days include:

  • Technology: How do I conduct a virtual funeral? How do I conduct a virtual wake, shiva, or gathering? Can you refer me to a funeral home that conducts Viewnerals (virtual funerals, shivas, wakes, unveilings, gatherings)?
  • Support: How can I support someone who is grieving when I can’t be there in person? What food or sympathy basket do you recommend to send? What is the best commemoration gift to send?
  • Gathering Laws: What are the gathering laws for (insert city, state)?

“The calls we are currently receiving compared to March differ as people are now more aware of options such as virtual funerals, but they do not know how to go about planning one or finding a funeral home that offers it,” says Michael Schimmel, CEO and “In addition, customers also ask about specific gathering laws in their cities as they are changing rapidly and they request our services to help them decide on the best way to support their grieving friend or loved one–whether it is sending a meal, sympathy basket, or sending a commemorative gift. There is a lot of unease and sadness.”

Especially during the pandemic, Schimmel recommends that there is a designated point person for the grieving family who can create a FuneralPlan™ or ShivaPlan,™ personalized pages that display all of the details regarding a funeral, wake, shiva, memorial and gathering including links to virtual gatherings, along with the mourning family’s grief and aftercare wishes such as requested contributions, meals and commemorations. The FuneralPlan™ and ShivaPlan™ can easily and quickly be sent to family, friends and colleagues reducing the time spent circulating information. eCondolence and offers this complimentary service on its website.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and expedited its plans to introduce Viewneral®, a virtual funeral powered by Zoom for funeral homes and cemeteries. Since its launch, Viewneral has become a best in class software and complete end-of-life service that includes pre-planning new business seminars for funeral homes and cemeteries, online funeral arrangements, virtual funeral services, virtual shiva and memorial gatherings, and online unveilings and dedications. It is the only virtual platform that offers this complete suite of services. Viewneral has helped to support the death care industry and the families served.

Schimmel adds, “many funeral homes in areas that may not have been on lock down or were not sure about offering virtual services earlier in the pandemic are now calling to use our Viewneral Platform so they can best support families who are only allowed a few people at the funeral, but want a broader support system. They know this technology is here to stay beyond the pandemic.”

On an average day in the United States, there’s an estimated 7,700 deaths (Center for Disease Control). These numbers combined with Covid-19 deaths have funeral homes and cemeteries dealing with an unprecedented amount of funerals. The Center for Disease Control says hosting a virtual funeral is the lowest risk for spread and offer complimentary access to in depth critical information, educational guidance about religious and cultural customs, appropriate verbal and written condolence messages, and curated sympathy and commemorative meals and gifts.

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