With U.S. Covid-19 Deaths Reaching More Than 250,000, eCondolence.com and shiva.com Provide the Best Ways to Support Someone Experiencing a Loss When You Cannot Be Together


Despite Covid-19 Gathering Restrictions, Mourners Still Need Support.

Miami, FL – November 19, 2020 — eCondolence.com and shiva.com, the leading resources for sympathy and mourning for consumers also provides best in class technology for funeral homes and cemeteries, provides suggestions on the safest ways to support someone grieving when you are unable to be there to in person.

“Typically when an individual passes away, a mourning family receives emotional and physical support from their extended family, network of friends and the community during the funeral service, internment, wakes, viewings, shivas and beyond,” says Michael Schimmel, CEO of eCondolence.com and shiva.com. “It is important to realize there is a new grief felt with an absence of the physical interaction most commonly experienced.”

There are many ways to show support and help friends and family during a time of loss. Although paying respects is most commonly accomplished when getting together in person, there remain many ways to offer thoughts and express condolences despite gathering restrictions. Schimmel recommends the following:

Attend any virtual gatherings. When there is a private burial, funeral, or gathering and mourners are isolated due to extreme circumstances, expressing condolences and remaining in touch through technology is effective and useful in advancing the grieving process.

Sending a meal or gift. When something special is delivered, it certainly lets someone know you are thinking about them. Studies show that receiving a gift brings much joy to the recipient. Sending a thoughtful, helpful and delicious meal so a loved one does not have to prepare one, will help fill their sense of loss and loneliness. If you do not want to send a whole meal, a special sympathy or gift basket can help brighten their mood.

Call the person, send a text and schedule a virtual get together. If you cannot be together, schedule a virtual call or virtual meal so you can see one another and offer support face-to-face. You can send a meal to yourself and your loved one to experience together. It also is acceptable to send text messages to let the person know you are thinking about them.

Personal Note and Messages. In general, writing a sympathy note, message or condolence card sharing thoughts and offering personal expressions are well received. Given restrictions, closures and limited resources, an email containing sentiments is also acceptable.

Plant a Tree in the Holy Land. Planting a tree in memory of an individual or family’s loved one remains an appropriate way to express condolences. This is a time honored tradition for all life cycle events for Christians and Jews alike. Planting a living tree in the holy land is a way to perpetuate the life and legacy of friends, family and ancestors no longer here. Together with the tree planting, a custom certificate will be created and mailed to the family to honor their loved one and also express condolences.

Schimmel adds that condolence support also varies between cultures and religions. “Typically in the Jewish religion you do not send flowers to a grieving family, but in other religions flowers and wreaths are welcomed.”

Please browse eCondolence.com or visit shiva.com for more information on supporting those that are grieving.

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