3 Tips to Simplify Day-to-Day Operations


3 Tips to Simplify Day-to-Day Operations


Eliminate Duplicate Efforts 

If you are using paper forms for something that will later be entered in a computer, chances are technology can help eliminate a few steps. Customers will also appreciate the time saved, as you can spend more time focusing on their needs.


Schedule in Advance 

You can set up your aftercare to automatically go out to loved ones on specific dates, so you can focus that time on families. Scheduling seminars in advance also saves time on the backend, and  makes it easier to plan ahead.


Adopt Single Source Creation 

Creating prayer cards and service folders in one place like SB Connect, saves time and reduces duplication of data. Technology can carry over data from previous inputs, so you do not have to spend time re-typing information, and can create quick renderings for families.



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