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A Gold Star rating signifies a funeral home or cemetery that is dedicated to the families it serves and goes above and beyond to provide quality care and services.


Who is Gold Star Rated

Sympathy Brands awards leading funeral homes and cemeteries across the country a Gold Star Rating. An elite list of ‘who’s who’ of funeral homes and cemeteries, recognized for excellence in family care, leveraging technology to engage families and the community, and leading services.


Why Choose a Gold Star Rated Provider

Families recognize Gold Star Rated providers as leaders in the industry, and choosing one brings confidence to the selection process. The third party validation establishes another layer of credibility for a funeral home or cemetery.


The Selection Process

Sympathy Brands conducts an extensive and continuous evaluation process of funeral homes and cemeteries to ensure that all Gold Star Rated providers continue to meet the required standards. Gold Star Rated providers can be relied upon for excellent family care.

The Selection Process

Sympathy Brands’s Gold Star Rating selection process involves three comprehensive steps



We invite recommendations from families, organizations, and communities and directly reach out to funeral homes and cemeteries we feel are qualified.




Our team conducts a comprehensive business assessment of each funeral home and cemetery to discover those that possess the quality care and services in line with the Gold Star rating criteria.




Those who demonstrate the level of excellence in family care, community engagement, and extensive services are awarded the elite Gold Star Rating.



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Highlighting Your Gold Star Rating

As an elite Gold Star Rated Funeral Home and Cemetery, you will be given unlimited access to use of the Gold Star Rated icon. Share it on your website, social media, print collateral, and more. Sympathy Brands will provide you the files you need.

Additionally, Sympathy Brands will highlight your Gold Star Rating on each of your profiles on its consumers sites (eCondolence.com, Cemetery.com, shiva.com), along with a link to explain the power of the ranking to families to differentiate you.

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