Whether for support, resources, or continued communication, it is no secret how impactful aftercare can be. Personalizing it is key. Automating aftercare can help enhance the personalization by letting the computer help you track families, further simplifying your workflow. Beyond personalization, here are three benefits to incorporating automated aftercare into a funeral home’s practice:

Data Population

Gone are the days of repeated copying, pasting, and double checking. Each time a new case is entered, the system remembers the data to populate on other pages. For example, when initially entering a mourner’s name and email on a case, there is no need to copy and paste it when the time comes to create aftercare. It will automatically fill in the form with what was previously input. These few minutes a funeral home will save adds up and will allow more time to dedicate to families.

Continuous Communication

Automating aftercare makes communication continuous and seamless for busy funeral directors. It allows funeral directors to easily schedule aftercare in advance, so they can focus on helping families. For instance, advance scheduling makes it easy to ensure families receive timely support on important dates. 

New Opportunities

Since automated aftercare is sent digitally, it is able to provide measurable results, allowing funeral homes to see how families react to messages and if they respond directly. Through this, funeral homes can adjust their aftercare messaging or resources as needed to ensure families are getting the most beneficial information. All of this data and information is important so that funeral homes can continue to provide a thoughtful ongoing experience and stay top of mind for families if they have future needs. 

Automated aftercare is effective on its own, but it can also be a great complement to traditional aftercare. While it is certainly beneficial to the funeral home, it can seamlessly amplify the experience for families as well.

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