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Build and strengthen connections with at-need families, their extended support network, and those who are
pre-planning with our extensive, consumer-focused suite of technology-enabled solutions.

Sympathy Brands' broad range of products save you time while enhancing the care provided to each family. In addition to connecting your funeral home with families and their extended network, SBConnect™ integrates with complementary industry services and suppliers, including CRM and website systems, providing you a seamless, end-to-end experience.





Designed specifically for the funeral and cemetery industries, the Sympathy Brands’ platform, SBConnect, provides users with a holistic, end-to-end solution to assist families and their supporters as they navigate difficult decisions. The user-friendly platform easily integrates with existing technologies, including CRMs and website systems, connecting relevant information all in one place. You will benefit from SBConnect’s single-point family information entry and easy feature selection, including Viewneral virtual suite of services, Aftercare, and marketing communications.


Viewneral® Virtual Services

Help people connect in new ways with Viewneral. Provide families additional support by offering them an opportunity to virtually eulogize and memorialize the deceased with a Scheduled Service or a flexible 15-day Gatherings Account. Families are given the list of attendees as well as a keepsake recording. Your location can also host a seminar or meeting, offering you opportunities to connect face-to-face for funeral arrangements, networking events, or educational seminars. User-friendly, personalized, and flexible, select one-way streaming or two-way interactive streaming services, integrating virtual guest participation with in-person attendees, creating an engaging experience for all participants.



SBAdvance™ & Aftercare

Deliver continued guidance and comfort to your families with meaningful touchpoints. Our Aftercare and SBAdvance programs provide personalized, automated, and sequenced emails that allow you to check-in, offer guidance, and provide grief support resources. These interactions naturally begin conversations surrounding pre-planning and memorialization, keeping your funeral home engaged with the family long after the service ends.


FuneralPlan™ & ShivaPlan™

Create, coordinate, and share customized plans to support families with FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan in a few simple steps. Each plan includes tributes, funeral information, Viewneral access, and details on gatherings (including shiva) in one place. Families and friends can easily update information and images. Designed to be shared, providing a family with this personalized tool helps them keep supporters informed.



Seminar Series

Create and deliver a robust seminar program to generate pre-need awareness and interest. Sympathy Brands’ Seminar Series provides a comprehensive toolkit to help you easily launch your own program through Viewneral. Included in the package, your team will appreciate proven and relevant topics with accompanying speaker suggestions, a project roadmap, impactful marketing collateral, attendance incentive programs, and much more to deliver a seamless program.


Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles help you stand out to families actively seeking a funeral home in your area. Featured on Sympathy Brands’ sister sites (,,, you will receive unique marketing opportunities, including a listing of upcoming seminars, contact information, service options, and location images on your Enhanced Profile.



Arrangement Center

Our Arrangement Center provides families a simple and streamlined way to research and make funeral arrangements directly with a funeral home using the Sympathy Brands’ consumer sites. Through these connections, the Arrangement Center helps funeral homes reach new families, easily interact with an engaged audience, and manage the relationship.


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