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Sympathy Brands’ extensive family of brands uniquely reaches people at appropriate touchpoints. Each brand serves as a comprehensive resource to serve pre-planning and at-need families, including their support networks, as they effectively learn, plan, and take action through our vast library of information, tools, and services. Sympathy Brands unifies and integrates these brands to create a holistic, consistent customer experience, assisting people across the different points in their journey (pre-planner, supporter, at-need, commemoration). helps families, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues navigating end-of-life matters by educating and providing appropriate planning, sympathy, and commemoration goods and services. The detailed library offers a wealth of information for those seeking guidance on appropriately expressing condolences, grieving, and planning. eCondolence provides support tools, including FuneralPlan™ and virtual gatherings, maintains a trusted marketplace of bereavement platters and baskets, designed to comfort and nourish, and offers commemorative items to honor the deceased. Visit carefully blends centuries-old traditions with modern-day customs. Jewish families planning in advance, Jewish mourners, and their supporters, can learn about rituals with’s extensive resource library, organize gatherings with ShivaPlan™, and choose from curated product selections, including Yahrzeit reminders and candles, Jerusalem stones, and same-day shiva platters available nationwide. Visit educates and provides trusted funeral, burial, and ongoing care services for interment planners of all faiths. Learn more about cemeteries, the property selection process, memorialization, and additional end-of-life planning and services. Visit


Jewish Funeral Group and each of its local divisions, including, provides families with education, resources, and connections for the observance of rituals and customs. This leadership group is dedicated to ensuring communities have an understanding of, and access to, Jewish funeral traditions. Jewish Funeral Group believes in strengthening the community through education, marketing, and technology. Learn more about Jewish Funeral Group.

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